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Mr. Brandon Davis

Upper School Maintenance

Brandon Davis

Why I love my job: I feel like I'm contributing something positive to the world by providing a clean and safe environment for students to be the best that they can be.

Best part of the day: When I first arrive in the morning and I see everyone getting ready for the day, it fills me with optimism for what the day can bring.

Spotted off-campus: I love video games, movies, and TV shows, especially sci/fi and fantasy. If I'm not at work or home, I can usually be found at the movie theater or at my church on various days throughout the week.

Something others don't know about me: I love history and art. History is such a fascinating thing to study because there are endless stories to be read or heard. Getting a glimpse into how people lived and how they interacted with one another in a time and place so different from our own is absolutely riveting at times. Art is also a fantastic window into that. It is a window into that different time and place, or into the mind of a person from that time and place, and the beauty with which it's done is often unparalleled.

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