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Lawrence students prove mastery of academic subjects and overall learning success through frequent, standardized assessments combined with observational measurements. Our careful approach to monitoring progress and gathering data provides opportunities for teachers to adjust their teaching strategies, integrate support, and otherwise personalize the delivery of curriculum. As a result, teachers and parents receive a 360-degree perspective from which to evaluate a child’s progress and growth. 

While students in Lower School do not receive letter grades, their growth is measured and communicated to parents on a daily, weekly, biannual, and annual basis:


Teachers observe and document student learning each day and parents are notified of developments and challenges via phone conversations and email. If at any time it becomes clear that a student will benefit academically from a different ability group, there is an immediate reassignment.


Teachers monitor students’ progress weekly using standardized measures of oral reading fluency, math, and written expression. The results are discussed with students, graphed, and made available to parents quarterly.


Students receive mid-year and end-of-year comprehensive evaluations in academic and social development. Parents are informed of these findings through written achievement reports. Teachers and parents meet each November to discuss goals and strategies used to advance academic and social skills. In March, teachers and parents meet again to review the year-end achievement report and assess student progress toward stated goals.


Each student in Grades 3–6 completes the NWEA MAP (Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress).

At Lawrence, parents are treated as team members in education, uniquely positioned to help assess our success in making true, substantive changes in their children's lives.

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