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More than 250 students from all over Northeast Ohio excel academically at Lawrence School’s Upper Campus. The following hallmarks of our college-preparatory program ensure our students reach their academic potential:

Instruction Individualized for Every Learner

Our faculty, who have special training in learning differences, expertly draw on, evidence-based teaching strategies to honor unique learning styles and help every student reach their “a-ha” moment. In addition to academic success, our goal is for Middle and High School students to fully understand how they learn best and what tools they need to be successful. We know we’ve done our job well when our students advocate for themselves and employ this knowledge outside classroom walls. Click here to learn more.

Small Class Sizes and Close Relationships

With an average of only 10 learners per classroom, Middle and High School students receive personalized attention from every staff member consistently throughout their school experience. Their close relationships with teachers and peers are the key to academic and social success. 

Seamless Integration of Assistive Technology

We thoughtfully implement assistive technology to enhance learning and level the playing field in our Middle and High School. All textbooks are digitized, which makes them accessible in multiple formats and allows teachers to annotate the texts and upload their comments to students’ Google drives instantly. Teaching students to use assistive technology supports their long-term independence and production of high-quality work. Click here to learn more.

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