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Our faculty are experts on learning differences and their own learning never stops! All are licensed in their content area and many are also licensed as intervention specialists. In addition, they receive intensive, ongoing instruction and professional development. Our entire school day is structured so that they may use this special training to facilitate student success.

In our classrooms, academic material is taught so that student understanding of critical concepts is prioritized. Classes move at the student's pace, such that comprehension and application of newly learned material can be readily assessed by the teacher and difficult concepts can be reviewed as needed. Our careful approach to assessment provides opportunities for faculty to adjust their teaching strategies, integrate support, and otherwise personalize the delivery of curriculum. The following methods are just a few of the many ways our faculty help students master content and overcome their learning challenges:

Our school-wide multisensory approach to teaching is critical for students with language and attention-based learning differences. 

Hands-on activities are the rule rather than the exception, and students take advantage of the approach that best suits their individual style. Material is presented using visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic formats, making it easier to process and retain information. Teachers also change activities frequently to help students stay focused on the topic at hand. Click here to learn more.

Executive function and organization are points of emphasis in our programming. 

Consistent routines, frequent feedback, daily check-ins, and explicit direction on how to manage homework set our students up for success. Students are even coached through time management and planning for deadlines. Teachers stagger projects and tests across subjects to keep students on track and homework manageable. At Lawrence, organization becomes a habit, enabling students to increase their own independence and school success.

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