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Our college-preparatory high school program is best suited for students who possess a strong desire to actively pursue their academic goals. Anchored in discussion-based classrooms and experiential learning, students overcome learning challenges and master content through a strategically-designed classroom environment, multisensory learning, and organizational coaching.

Academically, the school day appears to be comparable to what you would expect to see in other high schools (both public and private) across the area. We deliver a comprehensive curriculum, paced and presented in ways that encourage success and prepare students for life beyond Lawrence. But, our key focus is to help students clearly identify and articulate their areas of strength and challenge in readiness for a postsecondary environment.

High school classes are ability-based, but not tracked. This means a student who struggles with reading can take English at their skill level, as well as AP Physics or courses through College Credit Plus. 

Our classes are typically 45 minutes in length with an average of only 10 learners per classroom. Students continue to develop note-taking, organizational, study, writing, and reading/comprehension skills within the context of each academic course. In addition to these classes, students have a wide range of elective choices, including: Spanish, American Sign Language, art, music, drama, psychology, forensics, video editing, speech and debate, 3-D design, and more. Click here to see a detailed list of offerings.

Students are issued a grade point average (GPA) each semester, based on a 4.00 scale with honors courses weighted by .5 points for grades of C and above. Lawrence School does not report class rank, but does determine a valedictorian senior year. Students who earn a 3.0 GPA or above are placed on the Merit Roll. Students who earn a 3.5 GPA or above are placed on the Honor Roll and are eligible to join the National Honor Society.

Lawrence’s high school program meets the State of Ohio curriculum guidelines, and students meet all state requirements for grade level placement and graduation. 

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