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In what ways can my child access the Lawrence School curriculum?

On-Campus Learning (GREEN & YELLOW): When the school is able to operate in green, students will experience typical Lawrence School instruction with health and physical distancing measures in place. If the school moves to yellow, students will still report to campus, but the school day will be modified to increase health and social distancing measures. New this year, all students in grades 5-8 will take their computers home each evening for homework assignments. This will allow more google classroom practice and ensure a smooth transition if Distance Learning becomes necessary.

Lions Online (GREEN & YELLOW): Families may choose Lions Online, our new virtual classroom, if their student needs to be at home for any reason. This new hybrid approach allows students to join their class as if they were in school. Web cams allow students to see their classmates and teacher, hear and see instruction and demonstrations, and ask questions throughout the lesson. Parents are able to move their student fluidly between on-campus and Lions Online in cooperation with division directors in three-week intervals. Lions Online is different from full-school Distance Learning (RED).

Distance Learning (RED): All students will learn through a mixture of live and recorded lessons. Daily interaction and support will be available through regular faculty office hours. Academic and social-emotional support will be available for those who need it during distance learning.

What school policies have changed as a result of COVID-19?

  • The school will not be coordinating student lunches during the first quarter of the school year. All students should plan to bring lunches from home each school day. These procedures will be reviewed and adjusted if restrictions on visitors to campus are lifted by the State of Ohio.
  • Drinking fountains will no longer be in use, however, bottle filling stations are available. Students should bring their own labeled water bottles.
  • Visitors to campus are limited.
  • Parents who need to meet with school staff should plan on meetings taking place via telephone or Zoom video conferencing.
  • Parents who need to drop something off at school should speak with office staff via the intercom.

In addition, at Upper Campus:

  • Students are no longer permitted to carry cell phones during the school day. All cell phones must remain in student lockers or backpacks, and can be checked during class breaks and at lunch.
  • Middle and high schoolers must provide their own set of headphones.
  • A graphing calculator is suggested for all high school students. These will not be supplied by the school this year.

Will athletics, clubs, and extracurriculars be offered this year?

Upper Campus will offer a small selection of clubs that can be conducted in accordance with safety guidelines. These offerings will be announced closer to the start of school. Fall athletics, with the exception of boys and girls varsity golf, are cancelled this year. This policy will be revisited, in regards to winter sports, at a later time.

Lower Campus clubs (including the shuttle to Upper Campus) are cancelled until further notice.

We understand the importance of afterschool activities in the lives of our students. While these hard decisions are sure to be tough for many, please know they are made in the best interest of our community's health and safety.

Are health protocols now required for the school community?

Faculty, staff, and students are required to take their temperature every day before arriving at school. When the school is operating in yellow, an additional health check will be conducted before staff and students enter the building. If a fever or if any symptoms of sickness appear, community members must remain home for a minimum of 72 hours after symptoms resolve. This includes:

  • Fever (greater than 100.0 degrees)
  • Chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

* Modified from the CDC's website.

Students with diagnosed allergies should report these associated symptoms to the school nurse.

We ask families to be conscious of their activity outside of school. The CDC has outlined guidelines for daily life. We ask every family to be thoughtful about their distancing and vigilant with handwashing and mask wearing.

If employees or students travel during the school year, emergence of any symptoms must be addressed upon return and state and CDC guidance related to community and school re-entry must be followed.

Should the school need to transition to distance learning (RED), how will it be different than what was in place last spring?

Last spring's parent feedback, student performance, and teacher experiences taught us a lot about what works best in regards to Distance Learning. This summer, faculty and administrators have spent many hours focusing on how we can improve and tailor the online experience to our student body even more. Distance Learning, for all grade levels, will include:

  • A full instructional day at all grade levels, with modified class length and appropriate breaks — closer to what students experience on campus
  • Live (synchronous) instruction each day, throughout the day
  • A consistent academic daily schedule
  • Elective and specials courses on a structured schedule
  • Available appointments for additional academic or social–emotional support

What kinds of masks can be worn at school?

The CDC has created an online guide about appropriate types and use of face masks.

  • All employees and students in grades K–12 are required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose while at school.
  • It is each family’s responsibility to supply and clean student masks.

For guidance on appropriate mask type for your child, please consult your family doctor or pediatrician. Lawrence School nurses will individually address cases where a face covering does not meet safety standards.

Has Lawrence expanded their expectations of the community?

Our goal is for our students to have a healthy and productive year of learning. In order for this to happen, the partnership and goodwill of parents, students, faculty, and staff is essential. Compliance with school guidance and expectations is required. Clear, honest communication among all members of the school community will help to ensure a successful and supportive environment. We're in this together!

How will I be notified about an increase in illness or symptoms at Lawrence?

Regular communication via email and text will continue to be provided to our school community. Pertinent concerns regarding the overall health of the campus would be included in these communications.

Lawrence School operates two campuses in two different counties. Lower School is in Cuyahoga County and the Upper School is in Summit County. Please be advised that according to state of Ohio guidance, one campus of Lawrence School could be closed based on a spike in COVID-19 cases in one county, while the other campus is unaffected and may continue in person learning. This information will be communicated to families as soon as we are notified of county-level restrictions on school operations.

What if my child becomes ill while at school?

Students who become ill while at school will be evaluated by our school nurse, including, a temperature check. Students will be sent home if they are determined to be ill by the nurse. Students will be isolated in a room in or outside the nurse’s office to prevent adversely impacting others. Any parent who is contacted to pickup their child due to illness must do so within 60 minutes of the time of contact from the nurse.

What happens if my child, or a member of my immediate family is diagnosed with COVID-19?

Any diagnosis of COVID-19 for a student or their family members must be reported to the school immediately. Should the student be diagnosed, he or she must quarantine until all symptoms have resolved. In order for the student to return to school, a release from the treating physician must be received by the school nurse 24 hours in advance.

How will school transportation be addressed?

While Lawrence School is not responsible for transportation, we recognize that the commute to and from campus is influenced by many factors, which differ from family to family. We will continue to provide a carpool map in the parent portal, but parents should be aware of and acknowledge the risks associated with group transportation. Please contact your local school district for details about bussing.

Will lower and middle school students have recess?

Lower School will now offer three separate recess/activity periods in an effort to maintain distance and limit exposure. All playground equipment will be sanitized regularly. Middle School will continue to offer a daily activity period, utilizing the open field spaces. The Middle School climbing structure will be closed. Monitors will help students on both campuses find fun ways to enjoy their recess period, yet remain physically distant.

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