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We’re proud to offer full-time, in-person instruction integrated seamlessly with live online learning.

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We are excited to introduce Swivl technology at Lawrence School. This allows us to offer a hybrid classroom experience, where students can learn from home right along with their peers in the classroom. If your child needs to be at home, for any reason, they can join their class just as if they were in school.

Swivls are active web cameras, that track the teacher as they move about the classroom during instruction. They send clear audio and video via Zoom Video Conferencing to students who are learning from home on their Chromebooks or laptops. They can see their classmates and teacher, hear and see instruction and demonstrations, and ask questions and interact throughout the lesson.

Families may choose Lions Online for their student anytime the school is operating in green or yellow. Parents are able to move their student fluidly between on-campus and Lions Online in cooperation with division directors, in three-week intervals. Teachers will then be able to plan accordingly and ensure quality instruction for both groups of students. Academic and social-emotional support will also be available to those who choose to learn virtually. We look forward to engaging with students in this new and innovative way!

Lions Online is different from full-school Distance Learning (RED). This option can also be made available for brief periods of time, with division director approval. 

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